A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up a Website for Affiliate Marketing

Create a blog todayIn our previous guides, we have told you how affiliate marketing works and by now, you probably have a very good understanding of how the process works from consumer to the affiliate. Setting up an affiliate marketing business does not take that much regarding getting started. Anyone who has a computer and internet access can get into this business. Our aim is to help you set up a website that will not only get lots of traffic but will get many visitors to buy the products you will be promoting.

You have probably learned about affiliate marketing, and you have decided to set up a website for it. In this particular guide, we are going to discuss on how to start your simple website to venture into this business.

Setting up a Website for Affiliate Marketing – An overview of the whole process.

  1. You will need to set up a website by registering a domain name and finding a hosting company.
  1. Next, you need to design your web page. Some affiliate marketing vendors provide you with information for links and banners that you should use on your website.
  1. After your website is ready, the next thing you shall need is traffic. The best way to start is by writing articles and other informational content that will make readers all over visit your site and always come for more.
  1. You need to understand that only a small percentage of people who visit your site will buy the product you are promoting. To make a good income, it calls for a lot of traffic.
  1. Next, you need patience and commitment. It will take some time to write articles that attract visitors to your site. If you are really committed to increasing traffic to your site, you can use other methods yet to be discussed in our next guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up an Affiliate Marketing Website

Step 1. Determine The Kind of Affiliate Marketing Website you need.

You need to understand that the type of programs and products you will be promoting will determine the type of website you will have to set up. Below is a brief review of these websites:

(i) Niche marketing websitestarget market

These make the majority of the marketing websites we have in the net. You need to select a topic to write about and target a specific audience. It should be a topic about an area you are well versed and interested with. You then select affiliate products or services that relate to you niche and promote them.

(ii) Product review websites

Here, you build a website that evaluates or reviews products in an expert manner, with an intention of assisting the audience make a relatively easy purchase decision. You then set in a way that they make such a purchase through your referral link, a link that earn you a commission for each sale conversion.

(iii) Price comparison websites

They are similar to product reviews and other times combined. Here, you go online and check who is selling a particular product at the lowest price and deliver such information to your site. Since everyone wants the get the product through the best deal, thy will buy through your link, and you earn a commission.

Step 2. Get a Domain Name and Hosting Company

Be guided to choose a domain name that reflect the products and services that you promote. Let say you are promoting insurance companies, you can go with a name like – bestinsure.com. The selection of a good name plays an important role in setting out your site.

Hosting is the base of your site. A hosting company will set up your site running and powered on the web. There are thousands of hosting companies, but the most popular ones include;

– HostgatorBlog

– Bluehost

– Go Daddy

– Host5 and many others

Step 3. Build Your Website

Nowadays, there are so many automated programs and pre-installed themes that you can download and customize to have your website running in a matter of minutes. The three leading website plugin that you can use include;

– WordPress

– Joomla

– Drupal

Step 4. Select Your Affiliate ProgramsAffiliate Marketing Square

Next, it is the time you select that affiliate programs you want to work with. The affiliate programs work on a relatively simple principle. You place the links or any other information about a product or service on your site. Visitors will use that referral link to access the merchant’s site. Any sales conversion or lead made based on your efforts earns you a commission.

Step 5. Promote Your Website

There are different ways of promoting your website, visibility, performance, and traffic. This part is deeply discussed in our next guide. You will need to know issues relating to free classifieds, search engine marketing, local business directories, social media marketing, press release and many others.

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