Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Platforms to Work With

Affiliate Marketing SquareMany people want to pull streams of income from affiliate marketing programs, but it is not too easy for beginners as most of them can’t evaluate a proper strategy to use, and a good platform to stick to. The number of merchants who are adopting affiliate marketing is ever rising, opening fresh opportunities for web publishers and affiliate bloggers to develop an audience and promote offers. You must have a clear understanding of the affiliate marketing policies, features, systems, referrals, and payments, for you to achieve success.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Are you looking in search for the best affiliate marketing platforms to join and make money out of it? The answer is, of course, a yes. Here, we evaluate and analyze the top 5 best platforms that you can join to make your dream a reality.

  1. Google AdSense

The AdSense is a high paying affiliate program network owned and run by the Google search engine. The program provides advertisement units to publishers who want to sign up for a program network to enable them to use their publisher account to earn money through posting Google Ads on their sites.

Prosgoogle adsense

– The program has low traffic requirements

– There are multiple monetization options

– Multiple language support

– No waiting time for the ads to show up

– Highest revenue share for publisher


– There is uniqueness restriction

– Payment threshold must meet $100

  1. Amazon Associates

This is the most popular and top affiliate platform for beginners. It is quite easy to earn some cash with the program. You just need to set up a blog and promote products from Amazon affiliate. A big advantage of the program is that there are so many products to promote as you can select a product and promote it according to the niche of your site.

Prosamazon associates

– Real-time earning reports and order reports

– Free and easy to sign up

– There are many products to choose from

– There is a low minimum payout of $10

– There is support for mail


– The starting point for commissions is 4 percent

– There is an extended pay cycle

  1. Commission Junction

Commission Junction is among the leading affiliate marketing networks with reputation. It is a ValueClick company started in 1998 and based in Santa Barbara, California, operating globally. It is a perfect program for beginners as well as professionals due to its effective marketing policies. Once can directly contact a company whose products are under promotion and get brief descriptions of the product.

ProsCJ affiliate

– Vast network

– Payment reliability

– Robust reporting


– A bit difficult to familiarize with

– Little customer support

  1. Click Bank

Vendors of digital products find click bank as an ideal platform to setup. You will find a lot of unique features and advanced search options with free learning resources to get started. Those who want to promote e-books and software have click bank as their first option.


– Free signup

– Real time data reporting

– Attractive commission

– Secure payout system

– 24-hour customer support


– You will need to be patient before you get the first pay

– There are some products scams

  1. CPA Affiliate Networks

The above four discussed platforms offer a mix of cost-per-sale and cost-per-action affiliate programs, with the huge focus on cost-per-sale. CPA affiliate programs such as Neverblue, PeerFly, and others related are based on cost-per-action. They have offers such as online games, free software trials, and dating websites, and a good alternative platform to work with.

From the well-known and reputable brands such as to niche products, almost every online business has its affiliate program that allows marketers/publishers earn a commission and revenue whenever they bring in a certain lead or make a sale. These programs range hugely in quality, their scale, and reliability. To make money online, choose one of the above programs and monetize with your blog/site according to your blog or site niche.

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