How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

amazonThe secret to affiliate marketing success is choosing the right affiliate program. The right program should be reputable and transparent. One such program is the Amazon Affiliate Program. It is one of the best out there and many people sign up for it. They also offer a good commission although some people may dispute that. So, how do you join the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Build your blog

You have to not only set up your blog but also grow your audience and build loyalty and trust with them. This will give you an audience for the affiliate program and also make it easier for them to heed your advice and make a particular purchase. Try and understand your audience. Know their preferences and intents. Are they more likely to click on a banner or a link? What type of content do they prefer? All these details matter when you are trying to market something to them. Also, only share genuine recommendations with them. Do not do it for the commissions. You will lose their loyalty and trust.

Sign Up

Monetize amazonYour target market or your geographical location will be a consideration when you are signing up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. For example, those in the US or targeting the US market should sign up for the Amazon U.S. Associate Program. For those aiming to promote the products from all the geographical locations that Amazon operates in, they should sign up for all the countries Amazon Affiliate Programs. Remember, signing up is free, and you can earn up to 10% with Amazon.

Monetize as an Amazon Affiliate

Once you have signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, you need to start monetizing. Get some banners, links, or widgets for your site. Your audience will guide this. You probably know what they like by now if you have been doing this for long. There are also different types of links to choose from. For example, if you are doing a gadget blog, you can add a “recommended gadgets” link or a movie DVD affiliate link for a movie blog. With Amazon selling numerous products, the possibilities are endless. Do not overdo it, though. Do not make your blog look like spam. This can negatively affect your search engine rankings and even worse, lose your audience due to poor content.

Share and Engage

You can leverage on the social media popularity to boost your referrals. You can share the blog post with the link or banner on social media or even share the link directly on Twitter and Facebook. This will boost the views and maximize the leads and possibly sales. Remember to keep the page visitors engaged to increase their odds of buying.

While Amazon’s commission might seem small especially when somebody makes a small purchase, the reputation and transparency attract many people. With the Amazon Affiliate Program, you are assured of payments once the purchase is made. People will most likely buy more than one item on Amazon too, and you will get a commission for every purchase.

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