How to Join a Legitimate Affiliate Program

affiliate marketStarting an affiliate marketing business and joining an affiliate program can see you earn a lot of money. However, there are many affiliate programs out there that are scams. They are just out to prey on unsuspecting people. Your success as an affiliate marketer is dependent on your ability to spot such scams and avoid them. Choosing an affiliate marketing program is as important as selecting a roof installation company. You have to choose only the best!!  Here is how to join a legitimate affiliate program.

1.      Search for reputable company

With many unscrupulous affiliate programs out there today, the reputation of a company should be a key consideration before making this choice. Conduct a simple research to identify a few reputable companies and then proceed to conduct thorough research on the shortlisted companies. You can find all this information online. The best way to identify and weed out dishonest programs is by typing the program’s name and adding the word ‘review’ or ‘scam’ on your favorite search engine.

2.      Look for high commission programs

We all need to maximize our income. For an affiliate marketer, that chance presents itself when choosing a program. Always look for the programs with high commissions. The likelihood of getting a scam program offering high commissions are very minimal. If you have a shortlist of affiliate programs, compare their commissions. There are also a couple of resources that can help you look for legitimate and high paying affiliate programs. These include,, and

3.      Avoid affiliate programs with “fees.”

freeMost legitimate programs do not have a membership fee or set up fee. Others purport to sell you a website that you can use to market with. These too are scammers. Becoming an affiliate should be free. Programs charging fees are most probably scams, and you should be wary of dealing with them. Affiliate marketing does not require a lot of capital to get started. Avoiding these programs will also boost your income.

4.      Only sell quality products or services

Quality is king, even in affiliate marketing. If you refer products and services of inferior quality, the customers referred might hold you personally responsible for the quality. Research the goods and service beforehand. If possible, try the product or service before referring it. This is important because all legitimate affiliate programs deal with quality products and services. If you are therefore looking for a legitimate program, you can check the quality of goods and services they sell.

5.      Compare

Finally, remember that a comparison is necessary when deciding on the best affiliate program. Compare their reputations and their commissions. Find out if they pay their affiliates and how they pay them. Check their support systems and determine how efficient they are. Legitimate affiliate programs are reputable, offer good commissions, pay their affiliates on time, and they have excellent support systems.

Considering these factors will ensure that you join a reputable, high paying affiliate program. That can be the difference between a successful affiliate marketer and a struggling one. Do not let another party benefit from your hard work.

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