Top 5 Best Paying Affiliate Products 2016

softwareThe secret for the best affiliate marketers is to recommend the right products. Promoting a high-value product or a product that will most likely make someone make more purchases will see you get good commissions. The question is, what are these products? Here are the top five best paying affiliate products today.

1.    Game Download Products

Game download products are perfect for affiliate marketers for various reasons. First, they are very popular. Games have a legion of dedicated fans who are almost always going to try these games. If you can position yourself to target this vast market, you are in for a big payday. Second, games are not very cheap. While some can be downloaded for free, some games do not come cheap. Target such games for better rewards. The beauty of gaming products is that they are not ridiculously priced, so the chances of purchase are high. What’s more? Game collect a good commission. A spot check on the Amazon Affiliate Program commissions shows that Game Downloads Products fetch the best advertising fee rates at 10%.

2.    Electronics and Computers

While electronic products may not attract the same rates as games, they will give you excellent returns as an affiliate marketer due to the prices. 2% of $300 is better than 10% of $30. Computers and electronic devices are also very popular making them easier to market. Everybody is looking for the latest device. Tell them where they can get it from and cash from that recommendation.

3.    Handmade Products

Affiliate productsHandmade products are becoming popular with affiliate marketers due to their commission rates, popularity, variety, and prices. There are numerous handmade products out there, and you are guaranteed to find a product for your audience. They also have different price points so you will not be limited to low-value products. Their fixed advertising fee rate can go to as high as 10% on Amazon Affiliate Program.

4.    Industrial Products

Attracting about 8% in commissions on Amazon Affiliate Program, industrial products are one of the best affiliate products today. This category also features products with a high value (with some even going for thousands of dollars) which is attracting for most. The challenge is getting an audience that is interested in these products. If you have one, you are lucky. Make it count.

5.    Music and Movies

The beauty of music and movies is that you will find something for any audience. Add that to the fact that there is a new music or movie every other day and you have the perfect affiliate product. The thing about music and movies is that you are most likely going to buy more than one. That is good news for every affiliate marketer as you will earn a commission for every purchase made.

You do not want to litter your site with links. It will look like spam. However, you might not have much of an option if you are recommending low-value affiliate products. As a general rule, only recommend products of high value, those paying a high commission, or those that may require more than one item.

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