Are you new to affiliate marketing? Not sure what the world of affiliates is all about? Are you wondering on how to get started? Basically, when the term affiliate is mentioned, it comes down to promoting products online to get a commission whenever a sale has been made as a result of your recommendation.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The most efficient and simplest method of earning money online is through affiliates. It is a technique where other publishers and websites promote your business and earn a commission based on the promotions or recommendations that they make, which turn to a sale or an agreed lead.

It is an internet marketing practice in which advertisers or companies that offer a product or service, pays publishers on a pay-for-performance basis. You are paid for results that could be a sale or lead, and not like Google AdSense, which focus on clicks. You pay them for generating business for you.

Cataclysm Bus guides you through all the necessary steps you need to follow to get started in the affiliate marketing world. The site provides readers with informative content, tips and step by step guide that covers many areas of this fascinating online money making venture. The core areas to be covered include at least the following;

– Introduction to affiliate marketing and how it works

– The Three Core concepts of affiliate marketing; Advertiser, Publisher, and Consumer.

– Setting up a website for affiliate marketing

– Affiliate marketing platforms

– Selecting affiliate programs

– Advantages and Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

– Promoting affiliate products and how to drive traffic to your website

– Factors determining affiliate marketing success

– Best proven affiliate marketing strategies

Many people are aware of the income potential that they will be able to earn from their affiliate marketing business. For good profits, you must consistently promote products and services under your affiliate. The first thing that you have to do is to find a profitable niche market that you want to focus your business in.

Secondly, you need to setup an online site where people can interact with your affiliate programs. The third and main part involves driving traffic to your website. Be sure that Cataclysm Bus shall be your ultimate reference point to getting started in this awesome online money making system.

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